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The Scoop on Teaching

source Happy Weekend, all! I get so many questions and emails regarding teaching, that when I received this comment from Teri this week, I was happy give you all my […]

Apples to Apples

Remember the bag of apples I got yesterday? I’ve been a busy apple eater during the last 2 days… Last night’s dessert – 2 apples, sautéed in some apple juice […]

3 bowls of white rice a day…

So I just realized that while I ate 3 apples today (that should keep the doctor away), I also ate white rice at all 3 meals. Sometimes I’m craving brown […]


I have figured out the recipe for my favorite smoothie from Inta Juice Raspberry Allure Hot pink tastes good. Into the blender: 1 banana ½ cup frozen raspberries ¾ cup […]

Sleepy Face

I had great intentions of blogging last night, but I fell asleep at 7pm. Yup…7:00 in the evening, and I didn’t wake up until my alarm went off at 5am. […]

Cupcake Saturday

Now I think I need a nap.

Best Lunch

Let me introduce you to the best sack lunch I’ve ever had. Mondo roasted sweet potato with roasted veggies leftover from last night. There was a little bit of hummus […]

I say ‘no’ to oats.

The problem with oats… Is that they make me hungrier then I was before I ate them. I know I’ve been through this before – but every few months, I […]

Apple Sweater

Skippity doo-dah. I love starting a week that’s going to be short!! Tomorrow is already the middle of the week! I started off this morning rather grumpy (my house was […]

Food and Family

I hope you all had fun labor day weekends! Mine was full of food and family…just like it’s supposed to be, right? Today I woke up, and ate breakfast, which […]