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Dryer Lint

Last night after dinner, I wanted something cool and sweet, so I made Heather’s Dryer Lint Smoothie. Oh my goodness, so delicious. In fact, I woke up this morning with […]

Greeky Goodness

My eating today was sub par. I need to go grocery shopping. I just want to show you my dinner since it was the eating highlight of my day. Yes, […]

Not Overly Impressed

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday! And on the brink of a 3-day weekend…the anticipation is so sweeeet. So was my breakfast. The end of a coconut yogurt container with stuff mixed in. […]


I’m hooked on bananas. I used to despise them, but something changed, and now they’re my favorite quick breakfast. Banana split. On the left, Dark Chocolate Dreams PB. On the […]