I made 2 pizzas in 25 minutes flat this afternoon. Faster than I could have picked up the phone and ordered delivery. It helped that I had some leftover toppings from my pizza party, but still. This pizza is fast.

Step one, assemble the crust – about 4 minutes. (The recipe makes 2 salad-plate-sized pizzas or one larger crust)

Step two, bake crust(s) at 425* for 5 minutes. While crust is in the oven, prepare toppings of choice

Sauce, olives, pepperoni, artichokes, pesto, tomatoes

Step three, remove crust(s) from oven and add the yummies.

Meeker’s cheesy pepperoni monster:

My pesto-tomato-artichoke-mushroom-olive creation:

Step four, bake for another 12-15 minutes at 425* – this gives you ample time to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen. Something that (unfortunately) if left undone, prevents me from enjoying my meal.

Mine on the left. Meeker’s on the right + his two English muffin pizzas (he was worried he would still be hungry)

Yum city. Even Punky was jealous of my artichokes…

But after trying (and rejecting) it, she sat down like a good puppy and waited patiently for us to finish eating.

She’s such a sweet doggie.

I ate about half the pizza, and saved the rest for later – there’s nothing like leftover pizza.

It’s back to work for Mrs. Unger tomorrow…I should probably go to bed now in anticipation of the Halloween (and pumpkin patch field trip!) filled week that is to come.

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