In the 3rd grade world…we took advantage of the last (school) day in October, and celebrated in style. We started out the day with a spooky Halloween story writing prompt, followed by a trip to the farm.

We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day…the weather was perfect and we spent all morning and afternoon playing.

(I tried so hard to get pictures without the kids’ faces for you all…hah. But don’t worry I took many, many pictures of their sweet little faces to share with their parents, too.)

Rubber ducky races…

The animals – definitely my favorite part of the day.

These little floppy eared goats were the cutest things you’ve ever seen. I wanted to take one home to play with Punky.

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard…

(We just finished reading the book Make Way for Ducklings, so my kid’s were thrilled to see some real mallard ducks up close…except one of my students got bit by one, so that put a bit of a damper on things).

This picture makes my heart melt

Then it was off to the corn maze…

We were legitimately lost for 20 minutes, but it was all fun. My kiddos did a good job of navigating us out of there.

They also had the place decorated for Halloween.

We took a break for lunch (I had a green apple and a peanut butter/agave sandwich), and then went on a hay ride.

(These are not pictures of the kids in my class…this was the group who rode before us)

After that, we picked pumpkins, and headed back to school.

This pregnant teacher was ready to drink some water and get off her feet (even if it was just for the 10 minute bus ride back to school).

Back at school, we jumped right into our party for Halloween! We made yarn apples…

And witches’ hats…

ice cream cones, cookies, frosting and sprinkles

And smiled and laughed about the fun day we had…

After school (and after cleaning up the disaster scene in my room), I came home and fell into a deep state of exhaustion. I tried to eat, but literally kept falling asleep. I finally managed to peel myself off the couch about 20 minutes before Meeker got home at 9ish…but didn’t make it past 10pm before I went upstairs and hit the hay for the night. Being a pregnant 3rd grade teacher is tough work, but I’m happy to do it!

Happy Saturday, all!

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