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My day went pretty much according to plan…I scrubbed, vacuumed, and straightened for 4 hours this morning, and once the house was spic and span – I promptly ate lunch, […]

Guess What??

It’s 8:30am on a Monday morning, and guess what? I’m at home, eating a leisurely breakfast at my sunny kitchen table. What aren’t you at work? You ask? Well…it’s fall […]

Weekend Thus Far

Pumpkin Oaties Apple Chunky Cake Caesar salad and pizza from Il Vicino Family – SIL and mama (1/2 of brother’s face, sorry Matty) Nieces in sparkly hats Oatmeal scones this […]

50 Nifty

I’m on a veggie sandwich kick! This one had avocado, cucumber, red peppers, spinach, bean sprouts, and spicy mustard on toasted wheat bread. In the 3rd grade world… I’m teaching […]

A guy in a class

I’m freeeezing and I want to go get in a hot bath – so I’ll make this quick! Breakfast Banana, apples, mixed berries, flax seed Then I walked to work […]

Veggie Sammies

Remember when I had that veggies sandwich for lunch yesterday? Well, I remember. In fact, I could barely keep my mind on anything else today. I was craving a veggie […]

Bring Your Parents to Work Day

Haha, it’s so funny that you guys all commented on the tall thing yesterday. Yes, I’m tall – a little over 5’8″ – but I’ve never thought of myself as […]

Red Rocks Race

This morning, despite the cold temps and the forecast for rain, I bundled up and headed to meet some of my co-workers for a race at Red Rocks! Kind of […]

Friday Top Ten

Not having to be at work until 8am – pumpkin latte in hand Getting all my planning for the next two weeks finished Glancing at this picture from a student […]


Tomorrow is a grading day for us – which means no students! I love my kiddos, but a day without them might as well be a day off of work. […]