I am 17 weeks pregnant (due May 3rd), and Baby Cakes is about the size of an onion. I wake up every morning and turn sideways in my bathroom mirror, hoping to see a big bump.

(Taken this morning)

But it’s so small. But when I think about the size of an onion, and look at my unusually long torso, I’m guessing that little Baby Cakes is probably swimming around in there like it’s the Pacific Ocean. Lots of room to spread out.

But I’m determined to LOOK 4 months pregnant, so on Saturday, I dressed in my tightest sweater, stood with my belly in direct sunlight, put my hands on my back like a preggo, and…

Voila! A bump! A big bump! At least it looks big to me. 99.9% of my clothes still fit, but I went to the doctor today, and I’ve gained about 10 lbs. I can’t say I was thrilled to find that out, but I did lose 6 lbs during the first trimester, so overall, I suppose it’s not quite as much as it seems.

And filling up that big belly today…

Veggie chips on the way to the doctor’s office this morning. My stomach was a little finicky, and the thought of a real breakfast made me feel icky. When I got home, a green apple sound yummy.

For lunch, I went out with Meeker and my mother-in-law and had a bean burrito – no photo, lo siento. It filled me up considerably, and 5.5 hours later, I’m not hungry. There must have been a lot of tasty fat in those refried beans! Bring it on.

While waiting for my hunger to resurface, I’ve been baking. First, Holly’s vegan Pumpkin Molasses Cookies.

And currently in the oven is a loaf of Jenna’s Cranberry Walnut Orange Bread. I ate the rest of the orange after I zested it, too.

I’m planning on toting these baked goods with me to New Mexico – which is where my family is going for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait! Remember that big industrial kitchen last year? I can’t wait to get in there again!

Apples or oranges? Which do you like better? I have to say apples. Hands down.

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