I spent the day baking, preparing, packing and sitting in a car. We just got to New Mexico (our final destination) after what seemed like an eternity in the car. But we made it and I couldn’t be happier to be with my family!

Before I fall asleep, here are some pictures from food part of my day…

Cranberry Walnut Orange Bread

The sun was just coming up as I was eating this, and there was one ray of light shining on the bread. Like a spotlight on my breakfast.

Then it was on to baking for the big day tomorrow. I started with bread pudding.

Then a salad dressing…

And oaties for the car ride…

They were a hit!

After a long day and a five hour car ride (full of laughter and a lot of ridiculous baby name suggestions) – I’m ready for bed. See you all tomorrow for Thanksgiving updates!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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