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Turned my whole day around.

These are the only food pictures I managed to snap today. an onion bagel with just a teeny smear of whipped cream cheese My breakfast pictures are usually not reflective […]

Soupy Day

I got home late from work, and bedtime is rapidly approaching! I will make this fast. Breakfast was eaten in the car. ½ cup oatmeal, 1 cup water, 2 tbs. […]

Not ready.

Sunday night, already??! I’m not ready for another week of work. Not ready at all. So let’s go back to the beginning of this day and not think about the […]

Scenes from Santa Fe

Yesterday, my family and I spent the day poking around Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dogs, people, turquoise jewelry, and sunshine galore Preggo got hungry around 3pm and made everyone stop […]

As Promised

Just as promised… Bread pudding and a little square of fudge for breakfast. This is what you get to look forward to if you don’t have room for dessert on […]

Thanksgiving Day

Being my favorite holiday, I started this day out nice and early. Like 3 hours before anyone else in my 20 person family woke-up. I have completely lost my ability […]

Cooking and a Car Ride

I spent the day baking, preparing, packing and sitting in a car. We just got to New Mexico (our final destination) after what seemed like an eternity in the car. […]

When’s that baby due?

I am 17 weeks pregnant (due May 3rd), and Baby Cakes is about the size of an onion. I wake up every morning and turn sideways in my bathroom mirror, […]

Sunny Monday

I loved this day. I had time to do things around the house and plan for Thanksgiving – which is what I’ve wanted to do for weeks. After my workout […]

Salad, Baking, and Burgers

We attempted to go Christmas shopping today – but found zero. I was tired and frustrated (and starving), so Meeker suggested a large salad to boost my spirits. Enter Sweet […]