Today is my 26th birthday! Typically, I don’t like my birthday – it’s a chaotic time of year, I don’t like getting presents (makes me anxious), and I sometimes start dwelling on all the things I haven’t yet accomplished. But today, I woke up (after a mere 4 hours of sleep) reflecting on the last year and feeling blissfully happy with my life.

I started it off with my latest favorite breakfast.

Kashi, banana, vanilla soy milk

Then went to the gym and ran(ish) on the treadmill. (Since my 18th birthday, I have always gone running on the morning of my birthday…being 21 weeks pregnant was not going to stop me this year!).

Next, I had a snack.

And got my hair cut. (It looks exactly the same.)

Ate lunch number one.

Leftover lentil salad

I was still starving after this, so Meeker suggested we go to Sprouts to get me a veggie sandwich. He’s smart.

I had a full-on pregnant meltdown while in line to pay for the sandwich. I realized they had made my order wrong, and I started sobbing like a crazy person. People were staring, but I just couldn’t stop. I was so hungry and tired. It was majorly embarrassing. Meeker pointed out that it would be a good story to tell little Baby Cakes someday. That made me laugh (through my tears).

After the sandwich, Meeker and I cleaned the house, (almost) finished our Christmas shopping, and then walked the doggie.

My favorite part of the day… I cooked dinner for my family who came over for my birthday.

Chicken stew with biscuitsthis is one of my favorite recipes of all times.

My mom brought the cake.

Whoopsies – we devoured more than half of it before I remembered to take a picture. In my defense, there were nine hungry people standing around while I cut into this masterpiece.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I have everything I could possibly want in life, and sometimes I forget that when I’m busy dealing with the day-to-day. So here’s to another year, and a goal to be more content with all the good that’s in my life!

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