Scenes from my day…

The grapefruit craving is still raging.

I had a Christmas wrapping and Psych watching marathon. (Have you seen Psych? It’s fantastic)

And we’re still using wrapping paper from two years ago…

Then I ran errands and stopped by Whole Foods for some hot bar action. Things got a little squished in the car, but it was yummy.

Tofu, white beans, cous cous, kale salad, cabbage slaw.

Mango snack

For dinner, I made this good looking dish…

Wild rice, broccoli, mushrooms, celery, garbanzo beans, red wine vinegar, olive oil

But then put it in the fridge and decided upon two more grapefruits for dinner.

And now I’m off to pick up my best friend at the airport! Hooray for two more sleeps ’till Christmas!

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