Thank you all so much for your congratulations!

If you remember, I didn’t want to know the sex of our baby, and Meeker did. I knew it meant a lot to him, so for Christmas, I wrapped up the “sealed envelope” that the doctor had given us at my last ultrasound, and put it under the Christmas tree for Meeker to open. It was a very fun Christmas-morning-surprise for the whole family.

Surprise being the key word. To be completely honest, the idea of princess parties, sparkly tiaras, and dance lessons (I don’t even want to think about the middle school years) scare the heck out of me (I grew up with two brothers). I was sure that little Baby Cakes was a boy, so it was the shock of a lifetime to find out about my little girl in there. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to be having a child – absolutely elated – but the idea of raising a little girl is going to need to sink in a bit.

In the meantime…I’ve decided that little girl face is the pickiest eater around because food is still a big.fat.hassle. My taste buds like nothing. However, instead of sharing yet another picture of cereal of grapefruit…

I’ll confess: every time I walk by this bowl full of Jelly Bellys in our living room, I stand for a few moments and gather a handful of my favorite flavors. I’m pretty sure there are only going to be buttered popcorn and bubble gum beans left at the end of this week.

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