One of my Christmas gifts this year was a juicer! Something I have wanted since I became a fruitarian have been pregnant. I crave juice all the time, so it is wonderful to be able to make it myself.

This morning’s mix was one pear, one apple, and a couple of handfuls of carrots and broccoli florets. It was delicious โ€“ I can’t wait to experiment with it! Anyone have any good juice combos?? I really want to try some things with leafy green goodness.

We spent the day shopping/making gift exchanges, and when Meeker had to go back to work, I came home and had some Christmas leftovers for dinner.

Mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, and gravy

And now I need to run to the grocery store to restock our fruit supplyโ€ฆreally I just want another 5 lb bag of grapefruit.

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