I took a little day trip to Colorado Springs to see my best friend and my family today. Before I left, I recreated the color of the gorgeous sunrise this morning in the form of juice.

One apple, one carrot, one lemon, and a handful of cranberries – it was tart and delicious. Alongside that I had some gluten free bread (toasted) with almond butter and some banana slices.

Then it was an hour in the car until I picked up my best friend and we went to the gym for a nice sweat session. Aftewards, we went to brunch at The Olive Branch.

Exercising veggies on the menu…cracks me up everytime.

I got a yummy salad and more chat time with the bestie (who actually lives in LA, but is home for Christmas).

Lettuce, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, mandarin oranges, olives, sprouts

Mi amiga Jocelyn and yours truly

After some more hanging out, I headed to my parents house where I made lasagna for my family, but ended up eating leftover soup (white chili) that was in my parent’s fridge instead.

After a windy hour in the car to get home, I’m officially exhausted. Early bedtime for bonzo!

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