I had plans to have some friends over for dinner tonight. But we got slammed with a snowstorm, and friends called to say they couldn’t make it through the ice and snow (which was completely understandable, seeing as I am the wussiest snow driver that ever lived).

I was left with a jumbo pot of white chicken chili and three dozen naked sugar cookies just begging to be decorated.

However, at 5:45 – my friend Sarah called to say she was only 20 minutes from my house and would I mind if she stopped by. I was thrilled!

I quickly set the table, threw together a salad, whipped up some cheesy bread and – bam – dinner party for three.

After dinner, we tackled the cookies, equipped with frosting (powdered sugar/milk/food coloring) and sprinkles.

(Meeker was thrilled that I didn’t force him to do all the decorating with me.)

At around 8:00, the doorbell rang and it was my bestie, Jocelyn, and her mom. She couldn’t make her flight out of town (due to the snow), so we had two more dinner guests! Selfishly, I was very happy.

Now everyone is gone and it’s time to nestle in on the couch – one of the things I like best about blizzards. Hope you are staying warm and snuggly where you are, too!

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