Thanks to Holly for tagging me in this fun little bloggie-get-to-know-you game. Well, not really a game, but nonetheless…

Four TV Shows I Watch

  • The Office (I think I have 17 re-runs on my DVR right now)
  • Modern Family
  • Iron Chef America
  • 24 (about five years late, but all the seasons are on instant Netflix and I have a crush on Jack Bauer – sorry Meek.)


Four Things I’m Passionate About

  • family
  • teaching kiddos
  • dessert
  • laughter

hope this picture makes you laugh

Four Words/Phrases I Use Too Much

  • Whaaat? (in a really dramatic voice)
  • Oh my!
  • Ding Dong (as in What day is it? Oh…ding dong, it’s Friday!)
  • So dang.

Four Things I’ve Learned From the Past

  • It’s okay if my life doesn’t go exactly according to my plan
  • The world doesn’t stop if I don’t exercise everyday
  • I will not get fat if I have dessert
  • Family is the best

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To

  • Babycake’s arrival in May!! (this pretty much trumps all other things in my life right now)
  • Making fun concoctions with my new juicer
  • Spending holiday gift cards
  • Summertime (it’s never too early…)

goodness, I hope that flat stomach returns after Babycakes gets here

Four Things I Love About Winter

Tag (you’re it!) Four People to Play Along

Now pick a category and tell me four things about you! Happy New Year!

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