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You’re It!

Thanks to Holly for tagging me in this fun little bloggie-get-to-know-you game. Well, not really a game, but nonetheless… Four TV Shows I Watch The Office (I think I have […]

They showed up anyway!

I had plans to have some friends over for dinner tonight. But we got slammed with a snowstorm, and friends called to say they couldn’t make it through the ice […]

Day Trip

I took a little day trip to Colorado Springs to see my best friend and my family today. Before I left, I recreated the color of the gorgeous sunrise this […]

Juice and Leftovers

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a juicer! Something I have wanted since I became a fruitarian have been pregnant. I crave juice all the time, so it […]

Jelly Belly

Thank you all so much for your congratulations! If you remember, I didn’t want to know the sex of our baby, and Meeker did. I knew it meant a lot […]


I thought I would have time to be lazy this week, but between my birthday and Christmas celebrations I haven’t been home in 3 days. (I’m not complaining.) I thought […]

Christmas Eve Eve

Scenes from my day… The grapefruit craving is still raging. I had a Christmas wrapping and Psych watching marathon. (Have you seen Psych? It’s fantastic) And we’re still using wrapping […]


Today is my 26th birthday! Typically, I don’t like my birthday – it’s a chaotic time of year, I don’t like getting presents (makes me anxious), and I sometimes start […]

Sonic Recovery Dinner

I spent the day craving fruits and veggies…it was delicious. For dinner tonight, I planned ahead. When I get too hungry, I can’t think clearly/rationally, and I end up crying […]

Fruit to the rescue!

You guys are too nice. I woke up feeling a little guilty about my Debbie Downer of a post last night – but it turns out you all were nothing […]