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Frustrating Food

Hello long lost friends! Sorry it’s been a few days…I’m in the middle of a frustrating food crisis. Well, maybe not a crisis – but I’m pregnant, I’m allowed to […]

The Last Friday!

It’s snowing. It’s my last (half!) day of work this year. I am drinking (decaf) coffee alongside a very cozy breakfast. oatmeal with shortbread cookies crumbled on top – Yes, […]

Sipping on Soup

I had such a fun day! From my ultrasound this morning, to cooking dinner while dancing to Christmas music – this Wednesday was stellar. Same old breakfast…actually, it’s not getting […]

Curse Words and Roses

Hello! I have two days (two days, two days, two days!!) left until winter break – and my classroom is upside down with excitement. It feels so good to be […]

Better Pictures

Three days left until Christmas break! I started my morning like I usually do…Crossfit ( hero workout from yesterday) and a large bowl of Kashi/banana/soy milk Lunch lettuce, cucumber, edamame, […]

Potato Latkes

The last (and only) time I’ve ever eaten potato latkes, I was in 5th grade. The only Jewish kid in my class brought them in to share when he told […]

Friday Dance

So happy that it’s Friday! Not that I have a whole lot of room to complain – I was in NY on Monday, but it’s still nice to have a […]

Christmas Spirit

I’m currently blasting Aaron Neville’s Soulful Christmas music. And Meeker put up outdoor Christmas lights yesterday – the holiday spirit is here! Breakfast was an exact replica of yesterday’s. I […]

Fruit and Footwear

Latest craving: fruit, and lots of it. I had eight servings of fruit today. See if you can count them all. Breakfast Kashi Autumn Wheat, sliced banana, vanilla soy milk […]

More City

So, Meeker and his family and I went to New York City for his cousin’s wedding. I feel so lucky to have a family of in-laws that included me on […]