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Double Happy Day

Guess who already has a snow day tomorrow? No, not Punky – she doesn’t go to school. This 3rd grade teacher – who incidentally has a piece of mushroom in […]

Crossfit & Cake

Yesterday, Meeker only had one client at 8am, so I tagged along and worked out while he was doing his job (making people sweat). I knew I needed a workout […]


It’s 55 degrees outside, and we’ve spent our Saturday at the gym, eating salad/pizza, painting the nursery, and napping. I kind of love Saturdays. Now, I just need someone to […]

Apple Wheat Scones

Okay, this is kind of a fall recipe, but my obsession with apples is growing deeper and deeper, so I centered this (vegan) scone recipe around my favorite little gala. […]

Same + Veggies

Good workout. Same breakfast. Same Lunch. Different dinner. Veggie soup. Zucchini, broccoli, carrots, onion, garlic, celery, tomatoes, chicken broth Baby Cakes must be squishing my stomach to about the size […]

The Letter T

I just realized that a I used the letter T a lot today. First, I started off this Tuesday with a tough workout. Before I left for the gym at […]


I never knew that feet could hurt as much as mine do. I really don’t want to be a grumbler – but holy cow, my throbbing feet are just about […]

Lovely Lunch

I get really tired of packing my lunch for the work week. So on the weekends, I try to make sure that my lunch is something easy and sort of […]

A nice little Saturday planned…

A very domestic weekend here at the Unger household. It started off with a walk to the park with the doggie, then home for pancakes. drizzled in peanut butter and […]

I never have.

Hello all! It seems that my preggo body has decided to hate food again. So, instead of a here’s what I ate today post…that would just be boring/sad, I’ll show […]