I never knew that feet could hurt as much as mine do. I really don’t want to be a grumbler – but holy cow, my throbbing feet are just about the worst part of my pregnancy thus far. (Minus the throwing up for 3 months.) I think I’m going to start sitting at my desk and propping my tootsies up on top of all my papers/projector/pencils while I teach. I’m sure the kids will love it.


Oats like my mama used to make – with butter (earth balance), brown sugar, raisins, milk and cinnamon. The perfect combo.

kiwi on the side


Carrots, celery, almond butter, toasted millet bread, and milk

I saved the almond butter for the carrots

Plus I ate two apples about an hour after lunch.


I made basic risotto and then threw in artichokes hearts, peas, edamame, and some lemon zest.

It was so good. In fact, it was good enough to make me forget all about my aching feet.

In the 3rd grade world…

Remember the girl who went #3? Well, it happened again today. I was teaching a lesson when she came up and whispered:

Mrs. Unger, I just went number #3 in the bathroom, and I think I have to go again.

I told her to hustle to the restroom and take care of it – meanwhile, I worked up my courage to ask her what #3 really was. Later in the day, she came up and asked for a nurse’s pass because her stomach hurt and she had gone #3 again. So I blurted it out…

What exactly is #3??

Turns out, the girl had the trots.

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