Guess who already has a snow day tomorrow? No, not Punky – she doesn’t go to school.

This 3rd grade teacher – who incidentally has a piece of mushroom in her teeth in this picture.

The other happy news?? I got a new camera today!! I’ve been saving up for months, and Meeker surprised me and ordered it last week. It came in the mail today. It was like Christmas when I came home from work…a snow day for tomorrow and a brand new camera to play with?! When I called my mama to tell her all the good news she exclaimed…oh double happy day!

So, most of the day I took pictures with my old camera, but dinner (and the 2 above photos) are from the new guy. I have SO much to learn about it, I can hardly wait.


Protein shake made with almond milk and chocolate protein powder + ½ a frozen banana. As an afterthought, I had a piece of millet bread with peanut butter and raisins as I was walking out the door.


This salad delicious and was really only $3.99.

Plus a new (to me) kind of apple…

A pinova! It was delicious and crispy – almost like a sweeter gala. And yes, this picture was taken while my kiddos were in the room. It was about 2 degrees outside today, so we had indoor recess – which is when I ate my lunch.


Ezekiel sprouted grain wrap with peanut butter, cinnamon and raisins + another apple. I love these wraps – so grainy and good.


Portebello mushroom burger – from the Engine 2 Website – my new favorite place for recipes. Meeker couldn’t believe he was eating a meatless dinner. Especially one that had the word “burger” in it.

But after a couple of bites, he said he really liked it, and if he had to go on a “vegetarian diet” – he would eat meals like this. I win.

And I was so excited about my new camera – I photographed and took a bite of my burger before I remembered to put the caramelized onions on top.

That’s better.

In the 3rd grade world…

Well, it doesn’t really get more exciting than snow days, however, this math project came pretty close.

She got an A+

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