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More Crossfit Love

I’ve blogged about my love of crossfit workouts before – but never really shown you guys my favorite moves. So here you go…Mrs. Unger, six months pregnant, doing her best […]

Snack Time

I’m so excited about my snacks for the day – I had to show and tell. These things are the best. I found them in the bulk bins at Sprouts…cinnamon […]

Sleeping and Eating

I just got back from my parents house, where I did nothing but sleep and eat for the last twenty-four hours. Growing little Baby Cakes is taking a lot of […]


In the 3rd grade world… Our students are learning how to make these cool tag clouds, so when the technology teacher at our school sent out this website  – I […]

Busy Thursday

I won’t have time to blog tonight because we have our second childbirth prep class. We won’t get home until about 9:30pm (which is at least an hour past my […]

All the Food

I left for work during the most gorgeous sunrise, and drove home during a beautiful sunset. A perfect way to start and end the work day. In other news, I […]

Black and White

Today started like all the others…alarm, workout, shower, breakfast. Purple Smoothie: frozen blueberries, blackberries, vanilla soy milk, water, sunwarrior protein Snack was an apple and an orange, and then we […]

Pajama Day

Snow day, snow day, snowww daaaay!! When my alarm went off this morning, I rolled over, asked Meeker for his iphone, and went directly to my school district’s website to […]

The Land

We headed down to the land this weekend – a massive expanse of open space where Meeker’s grandparents live. Mimi and Papa’s house Punky was in heaven. And so were […]

Grocery Budget

I’ve had several requests to talk about how Meeker and I keep our grocery bill on the low end. We spend about $50 a week for two of us (well, […]