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Are you sure?

Let’s get to it. Breakfast (repeat) Rice chex, Love Grown granola, chia seeds, oats – I poured vanilla soy milk over it all after the picture. Those Chex get soggy […]

Soda Dite

I did a gazillion kettle bell swings this morning (well okay, it was only eighty) and now I can’t turn my head left. Stupid. However, my breakfast repeat wasn’t stupid, […]

Back to Business

Surprisingly, the 4:30am alarm wasn’t too painful. Granted, my first thought was that I had accidentally set it wrong to go off in the middle of the night, but once […]

Pancake Success

I woke up yesterday morning with a hankering for pancakes. However, my belly doesn’t really like anything with gluten or dairy in it (I still eat it sometimes…but it’s never […]


Life is just a bowl of grapefruit (stuck in the pretty snow) For the first time in my adult life, I’m welcoming in the New Year with a complete sense […]