I can’t fathom my belly stretching any more than it is already stretched. And I have twelve weeks left of pregnancy…that’s three months of growing that Baby Cakes has left. Lordy, Lordy.

My stomach can handle about ten bites of food at a time – it’s being squished by a baby. So instead of my meals today – here is what I grazed on all day long.

First Breakfast

Cinnamon toast (made with millet bread and stevia) + an orange – which had far too many seeds for it to be enjoyable.

Second Breakfast

One of Jessica’s 5 ingredient granola bars…so easy, and so delicious.

Meals three, four, and five

Apples, cliff bar, celery, carrots, grapes, sprouted grain tortilla, avocado

I love these tortillas – especially with an avocado squished onto one and sprinkled with garlic salt.


Mama Pea’s vegan mac and cheese + roasted green beans

This was so dang good. So good that during the eight bites I managed to stuff into my tiny stomach, I forgot about my throbbing feet. I forgot about the fact that I can no longer touch my toes. And I almost forgot about the ten inches of snow we’re supposed to get tonight.

In the 3rd grade world…

We have CSAP testing tomorrow. That’s our state’s standardized testing – required for all kiddos 3rd – 11th grade. (And it’s far more nerve wracking for teachers than it is for students – at least at my school.)

Being my 3rd graders’ first experience with standardized testing, I asked them how they were feeling about it today. I got a myriad of responses.

Some thought they might puke when the test landed on their desk.

Some wanted to perform well so that I didn’t get fired for being a ‘bad teacher’.

Some thought it would be really fun because they wouldn’t have ‘regular schoolwork’.

But my favorite response…

I’m so ready to show Colorado how my brain works!

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