I caved last night and went to the store to buy a 10lb.bag of grapefruit. I couldn’t get that sweet ruby red taste out of my mind.

I had two before bed last night, and one for breakfast this morning.

I also had a bowl of oats/nuts/granola

When I got to school, a sweet co-worker walked into my room with an apple for me! She read about my apple ration situation last night and was kind enough to bring me one from her stash.

(Thank you so much, Linda!)

I didn’t pack my lunch last night (whoopsies) so I ran to Sprouts to grab a veggie sandwich on my lunch hour twenty-minutes.

Every dang time I go to Sprouts, I ask for a sandwich without tomatoes – and they NEVER listen to me. Makes me so angry…I detest tomatoes on my sandwiches. Hate. I picked these off and put them in the trash, but there was some nasty/seedy residue left over. Other than that – it was good.

I ate it along with some sour cream and onion Pirate’s Booty.

Yum city.

Now I’m home and snacking…favorite kind of dinner. Happy almost Friday!

In the 3rd grade world…

My morning journal prompt today was: If I were president…

One student wrote all about how Bronco Bama should show people his birth certificate (which he spelled “sirtificit”) – because that’s what presidents should do. And if this boy were president, he would show his birth “sirtificit” to everyone he ever met.

Birth certificate issue aside, I think our president would be cooler if his name really was Bronco Bama.

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