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Breakfast Oatmeal, milk, earth balance, cinnamon, brown sugar, cocoa powder Lunch/Snacks Apples, hunk of bread, clif bar, cheerios/chocolate chips/peanuts, veggies Dinner Mama Pea’s vegan mac and cheese + asparagus In […]

Valentine’s Day Picnic

One of my students told me he could see my baby’s head ‘in my stomach’ today. Hmmm….I can’t see any features. Just a big ol’ belly. (I only have eight […]

One Thing…or 3.

If you do one thing this week… Make these Portobello mushroom burgers. They are my latest obsession – I think I could eat them for dinner 5x a week. And […]

My Nuggets

Nasoya so kindly offered to send me a coupon for one of their products, and I was excited to take them up on their offer. I browsed their website to […]

An Equation

CSAP testing +a massive/messy social studies project + one million days of indoor recess in a row sleepy 3rd grade teacher Bagheera and Punky completely understand my need for some […]


Despite all my normal pregnancy woes, I absolutely love being pregnant. I feel so blessed to have Baby Cakes cooking and growing in my belly – every day is exciting […]


I can’t fathom my belly stretching any more than it is already stretched. And I have twelve weeks left of pregnancy…that’s three months of growing that Baby Cakes has left. […]


My grandma is ninety years old today! Look at those legs! That’s Nonnie and my Papa back in the day. They met and got married in the Navy during World […]


We did have school today…it felt like a Monday. But with the knowledge that Friday was just around the corner. No complaints, here. Also, it’s been snowing since noonish – […]

Cold Day Two

Another cancellation for COLD today! I’m not complaining at all. I braved the negative temps this morning and went to the gym – but other than that, I stayed inside […]