I need your help.

Meeker doesn’t like many desserts. However, something sweet he loves…boxed brownies.

(I’m as impressed as Bellatrix is with his taste for chocolate.)

We’ve been married for 3 ½ years, and I’ve yet to make a brownie-from-scratch that he likes better than boxed. Granted, I’ve only tried twice because boxed brownies are easy. And they don’t taste bad. Heck, Meeker can even make them himself.

But this weekend, I was craving brownies, and I decided to issue myself a challenge.

I will make a made-from-scratch brownie that Meeker likes better than boxed.

To win over boxed, they need to be fudgy, not cakey.

They need to be milk-chocolaty. Not dark-chocolaty.

And it would help if the recipe included nothing healthy.

If you have any fantastic fudgy, sweet, indulgent brownie recipes, puhleeeze send them my way.

I will triumph over the box.

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