Yesterday, I chose two brownie recipes for Operation BTB – and after a trip to the grocery store this afternoon, I got to work.

Brownie A was a recipe submitted by Meeker’s aunt (thanks Eileen!) from called Dump Bars.

Brownie B was a recipe called Chewy Brownies submitted by reader Kristin.

I set out a glass of milk for the boy – and we got to work.

Someone was excited.

He awarded points for each category – 5 points being perfection.

Brownie A

Taste 3
Texture 2
Chocolatey-ness 2

Cleanse the palate…

Back to work.

Brownie B

Taste 4
Texture 3
Chocolatey-ness 4

They were really gooey. They tasted undercooked to me, even though I cooked them 30 more than the recipe called for – a full hour (maybe it was an altitude thing?). Either way – these were clearly the winner in Meeker’s book.

But he didn’t hate either one.

The final consensus: neither was BTB, but brownie B was close – it just needed to be less gooey. Next weekend, I shall try again. I will prevail.

Until then…

fellow teachers, these will be in the staff lounge tomorrow. Bring your own milk.

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