Guess who doesn’t have to be at work until 9am tomorrow? Me, me, me! It’s a grading day (no kiddos), so we have permission to come in 2 hours later than normal…so fantastic.

Maybe I can stay up past 9pm tonight, but I kind of doubt it.

On another note, I think I’ve eaten more dairy in the last 2 days than I have in the last year. It’s all I want lately…I’m going to start calling Baby Cakes my little “Dairy Queen”.



½ cup oats, 1 cup water, chocolate chips, raisins, peanut butter, cinnamon, coconut milk


Bread, leftover carrots (in the tupperware), string cheese, yogurt, apples, brownie

Dinner – picnic style

Crackers, sun dried tomato hummus

After I inhaled the crackers, I attacked the hummus tub with cucumbers and celery. It’s been forever since hummus sounded yummy, so I was happy to indulge my taste buds.


more crackers, more diary (cottage cheese), and raspberry preserves


In the 3rd grade world…

One of my students interviewed me yesterday, and wrote this paragraph today.

Mrs. Unger’s Life!

Today I will interview Mrs. Unger, she is my 3rd grade teacher, so let’s see what her life is like. First of all, Mrs. Unger is very pretty everyday! She has brown beautiful hair. Also, she wears fashionable outfits and awesome accessories. Next, Mrs. Unger had a very exciting childhood. She was born in 1984 on December 22nd. She also has two brothers and she grew up in Colorado Springs which is a city! When she was little, she loved to swim. Mrs. Unger had fun in her childhood. Another thing, Mrs. Unger has a lot interests. She likes to exercise and cook. Also she likes to read. These are all of Mrs. Unger’s interests. Finally, Mrs. Unger has an awesome job because she gets to work with me! Just kidding, she also gets to work with other kids. Sometimes, at school where she works, she gets to do recess duty on Tuesdays. Surely, Mrs. Unger’s life is very exciting and she’s so awesome!!!

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