Look who is feeling better!

In the kitchen, baking, and loving Day 1 of my spring break.

I promise, that big belly underneath the apron isn’t all from chocolate consumption.

In fact, I’m not so sure Baby Cakes even likes chocolate – my craving for it has been non-existent since month 3 of this pregnancy. But it doesn’t stop me from pouring all of my effort into baking the perfect Better-than-Boxed brownie for my scuzzband (and taste-testing all of the brownies, anyway).

Brownie E was a recipe sent to me by one of Meeker’s friends, Jessica.

brownie E is on the left, brownie F on the right

Brownie F stands for Flay because it’s Bobby Flay’s Peanut Butter Caramel Swirled Brownies sent to me by Emily from A Tasty Life.

The secret ingredient? Peanut butter caramel – which was way easier to make than it sounds.

I had high hopes for this recipe.

The results? (points are out of a possible 5)

Brownie E

Taste 4
Texture 2
Chocolaty- ness 2

Brownie F

Taste 3
Texture 1
Chocolaty-ness 4

Too gooey. That’s what was said about Flay’s brownie F. I was sorely disappointed. Mostly because they could have used 10 more minutes in the oven, and I knew that as I was pulling them out, but I was trying to follow the recipe exactly.

Next time, I’ll trust my brownie instincts.

But brownie E was pretty dang close to perfection. At least, in my book. It was easy to make, tasted divine, and when I took some over to Meeker’s family to try out – they were all very impressed. Maybe I should start having them judge this little challenge.

So, although I haven’t won yet, I’m staying optimistic.

And loving every finger-licking moment.

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