Operation BTB was in full swing this afternoon.

First up: Classic Bittersweet Brownies – a recipe from a cookbook I have called Bittersweet.

Cooling in an ice bath

The results (out of 5 points):

Taste 3
Texture 4
Chocolaty-ness 2

Meeker’s first impression (based upon looks) was that it was dense. So he dropped it a few times just to prove his point.

But in the end, he really liked it. He told me not to send any of them to school – but rather keep them all for us him. (I think he’s forgotten what boxed brownies taste like – I’m pretty sure he liked these better).

Next up: A recipe that my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Reynolds, sent me from the Moosewood cookbook.

Meeker’s first impression (again, based on looks)…too cakey.

He tried to squish it to make it gooier. (hey Meek, it doesn’t work like that)

The results (out of 5):

Taste 4
Texture 1
Chocolaty-ness 4

Taste was good – but it was more like cake. Which I adored.

So, I lose to the box…again. But I secretly think Meeker liked brownie G better, he has just forgotten. I may need to throw a boxed brownie in here soon, and see how he rates it. But until then, I’ll carry on, with my faithful doggie by my side.

Punky wishes she could eat chocolate, too.

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