I’ve got to figure out how to sleep at night. I had another 2:30am workout last night because I couldn’t sleep…blech. At least I got it out of the way, right?

(Any mamas out there have tips on sleeping through the night when you have a 5lb. squiggly basketball attached to your belly?)


Grape nuts, frosted mini wheats, banana, coconut milk


Toasted bagel with cucumber, spinach, and mustard

Snack Drawer

I had never had that type of Clif Bar before – but it was yummy. The only Clif Bar I’ve met and didn’t like was blueberry. Ick.


asparagus, buffalo brisket, and salad

I called my grandma last night and asked her how to make brisket. She told me to put it in a covered pan with liquid smoke and worcestershire sauce, and cook it at 225* for 8 hours. And when your 90 year old Nonnie tells you that’s how you cook brisket – you don’t question her.

It was perfect.


cakey brownie and a dollop of cool whip

In the 3rd grade world…

This is actually from last Thursday (St. Patrick’s Day), but I felt so lousy last week, that I’m just NOW getting around to posting about what the LEPRECHAUNS did to our classroom!

Those sneaky little buggers. (Surprisingly, they only dumped out the really messy desks – imagine that??)

Luckily, they left a treat for those students who helped clean up…

8 year olds will do just about anything for a peppermint patty.

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