Happy Wednesday!

grape nuts, shredded wheat, and raspberries

Isn’t that the cheeriest bowl of cereal? I thought so – and it tasted like a bowl of sunshine, too.

My lunch was the same thing it’s been each day since Monday. And it tastes good every time.

ww bagel toasted with mustard, spinach, and cucumbers

I got home from work, and remembered that I had the best husband in the world. He cleaned the bathroom (my least favorite chore) and made a crock pot full of buffalo chili for dinner.

I only had a little bit because it was so spicy that I was worried I might go into early labor. Not kidding…it blew my head off.

But it all worked out in the end because it was the perfect excuse to have a wineglass full of cookies ‘n cream ice cream to cool off my mouth.

Worked like a charm.

In the 3rd grade world…

We are studying US monuments and memorials in social studies. I had my kiddos design their own monument to honor a person or event in their life.

Most kids created a monument to honor a family member (or a dog), but this one was imaginative and made me laugh.

We honor Michael Jackson because we like pop. We also honor him because his songs are good.

Then the boys explained that this would be a wall (pink stairs on either side) with MJ’s famous black hat sitting on the top.

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