Punky has been waiting patiently all week for brownie Sunday.

So, I baked them last night, and Meeker woke up to a breakfast of champions.

Sleepy, but content with the food set before him.

Brownie I was a recipe sent to me by reader Alexa. She swore to me that she too was a very precise brownie eater, and had hopes that these would satisfy Meeker’s picky brownie palate.

The recipe was so simple. So, so simple. They probably took me 10 minutes to make. You can find it here.

Brownie J

Yup, I did it. Just as promised – I threw a boxed brownie in there to see if Meeker really does like the boxed variety as much as he claims.

I tasted both of them while baking yesterday and I knew that this would be a close battle. So, I drafted a score sheet so Meeker wouldn’t lose track of his preferences.

Very official.

Punky weighed in, too. The results…

A TIE!! Both scored an even 10 points. Meeker instantly knew that brownie J was boxed, but I told him not to let that sway his opinion. He took his time, very seriously scored each category (think Throwdown with Bobby Flay) – and I was thrilled. I am so excited to experiment with Brownie I next week and see how perfect I can make it.

I have a good feeling about this.

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