After the brownie shenanigans this morning, Meeker and I drove down and spent the afternoon at my parents house – only about an hour from us. When we got there, we immediately set about making a nice big Sunday lunch.

Salad, asparagus, twice baked potato, chicken lasagna

I was in charge of the twice-baked potatoes, and this was the first time I had ever made them before. With some coaching from my mama, they came out really well. So well, in fact, that I put them on the menu for this week – keep your eyes peeled for the recipe sometime this week.

After lunch, my dad brought out a little sweet pumpkin roll for us all to try.

A friend had given this to them – so I have no idea how it was made, but I do know it was yummy.

Next, I sat back, put my feet up, drank some tea, and read magazines while the rest of the family watched the Masters golf tournament.

A nice cozy little afternoon. The perfect way to soak up the last drops of the weekend.

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