Baby Cakes is full-term today! 37 weeks.

To celebrate, I went for a run this morning. I know I said I was going to stop, but I figured if she popped out today, it would be okay…she’s finished cooking. (And don’t worry mama, it was only 2 miles, and I took a couple of walking breaks).

Then the rest of my day fell into my normal routine.

Starting with shredded wheat – I cannot get enough cereal lately.

Lunch was delectable, just like yesterday.

With whipped cream cheese + green onions and celery. Cucumber and spinach on the other half.

Bagel Sandwich Craze: no end in sight.

And a ruby red. (I just realized that there has been zero variety in my food lately. Sorry ’bout that.)


Fajita Burrito – rice, sautéed red onion, bell peppers (red and green), and guacamole. Completely delicious.

For dessert, I had a popsicle. And I might just have another one after I hit publish.

In the baby world…

Like I mentioned, I’m considered full-term today. Although I still have 3 weeks until my due date, little Baby Cakes will be perfectly healthy if she decides to join us anytime between now and May 3rd.

Not obscenely big from the front, but then…

Bam! There’s a baby in there. I can’t even believe that’s my body.

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