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A Roly Poly Pet

Guess what? I only have one more Monday left of work. That is, providing Baby Cakes isn’t a week late, in that case, I may have two. I’m planning on […]

Showered with love (and food).

Because I’m kind of a freak about keeping things clean, I never thought I would experience the nesting urge like so many people have told me about. I figured that […]

Twice Baked Potatoes

Growing up, twice-baked-potatoes were a staple in our house. But I had virtually forgotten about them until I had them at my parents’ house last weekend. I’m not big on […]


Breakfast was the same as yesterday. Minus the sunshine. In fact, it was snowing while I ate breakfast. Grape nuts, shredded wheat, strawberries, coconut milk Lunch was more my style […]

Smiley to Whiney

You all are so sweet! I can’t get over how nice all of your comments were yesterday – I certainly don’t feel nearly as cute as you say I look. […]

We made it!

Baby Cakes is full-term today! 37 weeks. To celebrate, I went for a run this morning. I know I said I was going to stop, but I figured if she […]

Mama Style

One of my favorite Crossfit workouts is one called Fight Gone Bad. However, it’s pretty intense, and I hadn’t really figured out (or taken the time to figure out) how […]

Soak it Up

After the brownie shenanigans this morning, Meeker and I drove down and spent the afternoon at my parents house – only about an hour from us. When we got there, […]

Brownie Sunday, round V

Punky has been waiting patiently all week for brownie Sunday. So, I baked them last night, and Meeker woke up to a breakfast of champions. Sleepy, but content with the […]

No plans to stop…

I just returned from the grocery store with this box of popsicles. I am currently ½ way through my second fruit bar, and I have no plans to stop at […]