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Happy best-day-of-the-week to you! Hope your Thursdays went  (are going) swimmingly! Breakfast Grape Nuts (love!) with coconut milk and blackberries Lunch/Snacks I just snacked all day long – didn’t ever […]

Off to eat ice cream…

Eeeee! We (almost) made it to Thursday! I feel like the last two days of the week are manageable, now. We had another power outage at school this afternoon – […]

Purple Jinx

It was a good day – the sun was out, I had a nice walk to and from school, and there were no power outages. But in the last hour, […]

In the dark.

First of all, look who’s back! I’m so excited. Secondly, for the last 8ish months, I haven’t noticed an increase in my appetite, but that all changed this weekend. I’m […]


Sorry for the Brownie Sunday hiatus. It’s been a busy weekend. Plus, after four weekends of operation BTB, we’re kind of up to our eyeballs in brownies. Not a bad […]