After almost a month with no real appetite…it’s back! As it turns out, feeding this little nugget ten times a day takes some extra calories.

Bring it on.

One of my family’s dearest friends came up to meet Adrienne today, and brought me some delicious chocolate chip cookies (thanks Leigh!) – and that kick started things. After a couple of them as an appetizer, I moved on to a bagel lathered in almond butter and honey.

I fed Adrienne (a few times), did some laundry, and went to Target – when I got back, I was starving. It feels so good to be starving again.

My parents came up yesterday, and packed our refrigerator with yummy food – and I’m so glad. I dug into the stash with this meal of asparagus, tomatoes and chicken enchiladas


Dessert was frozen chocolate custard and another cookie…

Mmm, lick. Welcome back, appetite.

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