We had such a nice ease into the week today. It started and ended with nice long walks. The space between was filled with eating, napping, and watching a giant thunderstorm roll across the Rocky Mountains.

Have I mentioned that I love my new life?


toasted banana bread with almond butter and fruit

plus coffee – luckily, my 2nd hand coffee doesn’t seem to affect Adrienne too much, so I’m gonna keep on drinkin’ it.


a little sandwich on a ww English muffin – turkey, cucumber, avocado, and mustard

plus two cowboy cookies that my mama brought us yesterday


I was really craving salad for dinner, but we didn’t have any leafy greens, so I combined all the veggies I could find and put them on a plate, and covered it all in balsamic vinaigrette.

asparagus, cucumber, celery, and roasted potatoes


a pinova apple

How was your Monday?

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