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The last week has been a blur of feedings, laundry, and reading this book. And quite frankly, I’m thrilled about it – I love being a mama! The only thing […]

Squeeze it in.

How is it that I have time to feed a newborn 10 times a day, but can barely squeeze in a meal for myself? 11:45am – first meal of the […]

One Week

It’s been gloomy outside today…rain, rain, go away. Adrienne (and Mama) want to play. So instead, we hung out inside doing things like laundry, singing, dancing, reading, and watching TV. […]

Delivery Dinner

A friend from work brought us dinner tonight! turkey lasagna, French bread, and a salad For dessert… Chocolate covered strawberries! It doesn’t get much better than yummy homemade food, delivered […]

Baking Bug

I can’t remember the last time I baked a batch of cookies. But I woke up yesterday with the baking bug, and nothing could stop me. I perused some of […]

You asked for it.

I’ve had so many emails and comments asking for more details about Adrienne Bren’s arrival (also, she is named after my great-aunt Adrian, and my mom – Brenda) I thought […]

Look who’s back.

After almost a month with no real appetite…it’s back! As it turns out, feeding this little nugget ten times a day takes some extra calories. Bring it on. One of […]


Thank you all so much for your comments, emails, and tweets! If you couldn’t tell – we are just overjoyed with Adrienne. Life is good. My appetite, however, hasn’t returned. […]

Baby Cakes

I’m sure you’ve guessed (or seen my family/friends updates on facebook and twitter)! Adrienne Bren has finally arrived! Her daddy couldn’t be more proud… And her mama couldn’t be happier […]

Still Comfortable.

I slept for approximately thirty seconds last night. And – as always happens – I drifted off just before I had to get up to go to a doctor’s appointment […]