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I’m officially a week over my due date. I feel like a ticking time bomb…I could go into labor at any second. (Yes, I’m walking a lot. Yes, I’ve eaten […]

More Mother’s Day

This mama did a lot of lounging today. My brothers cooked lunch… Chicken and rice, sweet potato fries, salad Brownies and ice cream Meeker and I (sort of) helped clean […]

Mother’s Day

She’s still cooking. But I can’t complain. The sun is shining, Punky and I just got back from a nice walk, and we’re headed down to see my Mama for […]


Breakfast… honeydew melon cinnamon tea – just a cinnamon stick brewed in hot water Because the only thing I’ve wanted to eat for the last 3 days is fruit. And […]

Time to say goodbye

Today was my last day in the classroom. I figured that since I’ll be a week overdue on Monday, it didn’t make much sense to go back to work. It […]


It was finally warm today! So sunny and pleasant, it completely made my day. In fact, when we were just 30 minutes from the end of school – I forced […]

That’s a first.

My appetite is missing. I tried to eat this apple for breakfast, and this is all I could manage. That’s a first – seeing as how I usually put away […]

Due Date

I’ve been waiting for this date for 10 months. And it came and went with no action whatsoever. But I really can’t complain – I feel good, and I have […]

Pencil Shavings

I live a mile from school – which is fantastic, because when I’m too sleepy to pack a lunch the night before, I can just buzz home for a few […]

Last Monday

No baby yet. I just got back from a brisk walk with Punky (it snowed again last night!) and I’m headed out the door to what I’m confident will be […]