Summertime. Babycakes. No work. Good dinners. Fresh fruit.

These are things that I love…and since I get to enjoy these things daily, each day of the week is equal. It looks like I now love Mondays.


Raspberries, a raspberry scone, and banana slices with almond butter

Mmm, gooey and good.


Adrienne was a little fussy this afternoon whole day, so I spent the majority of it doing laps around the house. When I started getting hungry, I made this plate, left it on the counter, and grabbed a bite each time I passed it by.

toast, a couple slices of parmesan cheese, carrots, celery


These tacos were magnificent.

I loosely followed this recipe for Poblano and Mushroom Tacos. I took out most of the cheese, the salsa (because we didn’t’ have any) and used a lot more mushrooms than called for.

Roasting peppers is kind of like making spicy smores. With vegetables.

This roasted corn made my day. I almost ate it all before it made its way into the tortillas.

So darn delicious. Try them. You (and your self-imposed-vegetarian-for-a month-husband) won’t miss the meat in the slightest.

Here’s to loving every day of the week!

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