Sorry about the Monday gloat yesterday…I will try not to rub it in your faces that I am on summer vacation for life. Or at least for a few years.

Tuesday was just as nice.


I walked to a local coffee shop and had a chai latte with a friend from school. We sat outside and basked in the sun while we caught up – it was fantastic.

When I got home, I had something more substantial than coffee.

spinach and peanut butter (which we call plemmot babber at this house) – a winning combo.


I made Meeker a veggie burrito when he came home from lunch – broccoli, carrots, black beans, red peppers, corn, salsa, and rice in a tortilla. Then I just picked at the leftover innards from his lunch. I didn’t eat much real food because I had these cookies on my mind.

Uhhh…that’s not what Jessica’s cookies looked like.

Mine came like bumpy pancakes. I have never been able to make a successful batch of oatmeal cookies!! They always spread way too much. What the heck?!

I’m going to blame it on the altitude.

However, their ugly appearance didn’t stop me from eating two…or three. I can’t remember.

After the cookie fail, Adrienne napped while I started on dinner.

Aren’t her cheeks getting adorably chubby? Gah…I love her.


This pasta dish was meh. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to attempt to put this little one to sleep for the night.

Any advice for me on the oatmeal cookies? I’ve tried so many different recipes for the same cookie, and they always come out flat and ugly. What gives? It’s just the oatmeal variety…

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