Looking back at my meals today – I realized that most of my food choices fell into two categories – beverages or bread.


I used my juicer to juice one sweet potato, two green apples, and three carrots. Then followed it up with coffee.

Adrienne, Punky and I went for a walk after this – and when we got back, it was already lunchtime. I was hot and wanted something cool.

Enter: another beverage. One scoop protein powder, one cup rice milk, one banana, three handfuls of spinach, three handfuls of ice cubes

Then I toasted some bread, and pulled out the enormous bag of roasted/salted almonds that I got on sale yesterday, and made some almond butter.

Just dump the almonds in a food processor and turn on high until it looks like almond butter!

Mmmm, lick. I probably ate two cups of this stuff while transferring it to the jar and cleaning out the food processor. Then I took more and spread it on a toasted hot dog bun that I had scooped out.

almond butter and agave boat

Around mid-afternoon, I was struck with the urge to break out the bread machine and make a loaf. The house smelled heavenly while it cooked for two hours, and the second it was done, I pulled it out (burned my fingers) and slathered a big slice with earth balance margarine.

Is there anything better than freshly baked bread? I think not.


I followed this recipe exactly, and the results were fantastic. A good excuse to grill on the first day of summer!

Made my life easier.

The (vegetarian) grill master.

Insanely easy and so dang delicious.

Alongside, to celebrate the first day of summer (and round out my day of beverages)…

Ahhh, summer is here!!

How did you celebrate the first day of summer?

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