I’m not big on baking savory things…my sweet tooth and I think there really isn’t much point. However, Meeker requested this recipe, and I am happy to report that it didn’t disappoint. Not even one little bit.

As with most of the babycakes recipes – this one is gluten free, vegan, and sugar free.

Color me surprised here…this cheese didn’t taste bad. In fact, it melted and tasted good. Meeker says so, too. Which is kind of a big deal as far as vegan substitutes go.

Cornbread, ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

And to round out that savory with some sweet , a picture of my Babycakes.

We went swimming for the first time today!

Adrienne slept throughout the whole adventure. (Even when I dunked her in up to her chin.) I guess that means she doesn’t hate the water? We’ll have to try again tomorrow after a long nap.

Sidenote: check out my guest post on pregnancy and exercise!

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