Hope you are all having a good weekend! Mine has been full of naps and good vegetables. Can you ask for anything more?

My parents came up to hang out today, and I made Sweet Potato Lasagna for lunch.

My mama made a pretty salad to go alongside.

Also, I have to share last night’s tacos with you – veggie tacos are the easiest things around.

Sautéed tomatoes, corn, red onion, zucchini, and black beans inside of a corn tortilla

Plus this yummy salsa…

Green salsa beats red salsa in my book.

This month has been so full of delicious veggie recipes. I don’t want it to end! Meeker is dying to eat meat again, but I don’t really want to start cooking it again. Wah, wah. However, I’m going to issue myself a July challenge to keep me on my toes…are you ready for this?

No sugar. For a month. (I’m telling you all this for accountability reasons – this is going to be way harder than vegetarian month.)

It will help tremendously that Nu Naturals just sent me a gigantic box of samples to try out – I will post my first creation tomorrow. (Yes, I know it’s not July yet – but I want to do some baking, and in case the goodies hang around for a week, I’ll still be able to eat them).

Enjoy the last drops of your weekend! I’m off to watch Food Network Star and cuddle with Adrienne. (Anyone else out there watching it this season? I know this girl is…)

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