pre-walk breakfast

post-walk breakfast

A friend of mine brought over the most delicious homemade wheatberry bread – I have pretty much eaten the whole loaf in the last four days. And almost all of the pieces have been lathered in almond butter and honey.


a gigantic salad with the taco filling from the other night and tortilla chips. Yep, chips on my salad.


Two cookies given to me by two different friends. Both delicious. I’ve been eating cookies like they’re celery sticks lately.

Adrienne and I went on a run around 4 o’clock, and came home and did pilates side-by-side.

Naturally, she was much cuter at it than I was.

I sipped on a kombucha as I was making dinner…

…and apparently, I was a little to pre-occupied with my sipping because there was a huge oversight going on with dinner.

Meeker walked in from work and I proudly presented him with this pizza.

He smiled and said It looks good, what’s on it?

Mozarella, parmesan, tomatoes and basil

Mmm. What kind of sauce?

Oh…yeah. Pizzas are supposed to have sauce. Whoopsy daisy.

But it was tasty anyway – albeit a little dry. Meeker dipped his in salad dressing. (oh, and I used my foolproof crust recipe and that part definitely didn’t disappoint).

I also embarked on a little sugar-free baking project today…details to follow tomorrow. But until then, here’s a sneak preview.

You’re excited.

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