Babycakes and I spent the morning at the pool. After our (hot) walk home, all I could think about was something cold and refreshing to drink.

Enter milkshake.

Sweetened with agave, of course. I’m still staying true to sugar-free-July.

All you really need for this Babycakes recipe is a blender and a few easy ingredients.

In my opinion, it’s pretty silly to call it a recipe. It’s more of an idea.

The original ‘recipe’ was actually just for a vanilla milkshake. But I shook it up by using coconut ice cream (also sweetened with agave) and throwing in a peach. Peach season is approaching, after all.

Is there anything more perfect than a morning spent at the pool, followed by a (vegan and sugar free) coconut peach milkshake?

Even Meeker agreed that it was pretty close to perfection.

As is my Babycakes

Okay, I take it back…that sweet face is perfection. I love her so much it hurts.

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