What the heck is a johnnycake?

That’s what I asked myself when I saw the recipe in my cookbook this week.

Turns out, it is a delicious mix between a corn pancake and a biscuit.

And it really only takes six ingredients. Seven if you count salt as an ingredient.

I don’t think I did it exactly right because mine were much more biscuit-y than pancake-y. As always, I blame it on the altitude.

And I care zero amount because the result was delicious. Kind of like the frosting that was more of a sauce.

An incredible mix of salty and sweet.

Looks like I’m now a big supporter of johnnycakes.

I’m also a big supporter of the Babycakes cookbook – and l say it every week, they need to be paying me for this kind of support. (Are you reading this Babycakes NYC??)

In other news, I can now make my Babycakes smile.

So this is what I do all day long.

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