When I was teaching, I used to eat dinner around 5 o’clock. I’d come home starving, make dinner and eat it as fast as I could. But these days, I’m lucky if it’s 8 o’clock before I get to sit down and eat.

That’s going to make for some bad photo lighting come wintertime, but I refuse to think of winter yet. So what did I eat on this summery day?

Glad you asked.


My favorite kind – a collection of snacks.

From left to right – kale chips, carrot sticks/red bell pepper (which were dipped in hummus), bread with almond butter and cherries.

Kale chips for the win! I washed and tore up a bunch of kale, mashed it around with some olive oil, added salt, and some nutritional yeast…

…and baked them on a cookie sheet for 12 minutes at 450 degrees. Even Meeker thinks they taste like potato chips, and he’s a tough critic.

Afternoon Baking Project

The Hippie’s blueberry scones. So stinking good – I was greedily eating the dough before they even went in the oven, leaving me with very few finished products. However, the few that I did manage to see to fruition were delicious.


I made this tofu greek salad (ßreally good. Meeker thought it was all feta cheese and was unaware of the tofu, muahhaha!) and some eggplant fries to go alongside.

You really want the recipe, trust me. But it’s not quite perfect yet – so you’ll have to be patient.

What time do you eat dinner?

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